Friday, August 31, 2018

Nicki Believes We Must Do Better with Education

We Must Do Better - Education
Nicki Mills will work to improve education in Routt and Eagle County schools.

A recent recent Vail Daily Article re Test Scores showed that too many kids in our schools are not meeting expectations for achievement. Education is so important for economic prosperity. The article noted:

  • English language arts: 42.5 percent met or exceeded expectations versus 42.7 percent in 2017 (down 0.2 percent).
  • Math: 26.9 percent met or exceeded expectations versus 26.6 percent in 2017 (up 0.3 percent).

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Steve House Talks about Energy, Environment & Conservatives

Nicki believes that alternative energy sources are good for Colorado and the nation. She will advocate to balance the appeal of wind and solar energy with a view towards preserving good paying jobs and prosperity for workers. Nicki is a conservationist that wants to protect the environment and promote economic vitality in Colorado. The following article from Mr. House discusses a thoughtful view of energy and the environment.

By Steve House*

What's on my mind today; Facebook asks when I open it up. The answer is the energy industry and two conversations I had yesterday. The first was with a more liberal friend of mine and the other a conservative.

Energy is a very big part of our economy in Colorado and has a big impact on our citizens who use it. We should have a continuous healthy debate about energy here for as far into the future as we can see because it is so important.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Bob Rankin Endorses Nicki Mills

By Bob Rankin*

I am pleased that Nicki Mills is a candidate for District 26. When I met Nicki, I found her to be a genuine, caring and thoughtful candidate. The voters of District 26, which include Routt and Eagle Counties, deserve a representative like Nicki in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Nicki‘s life experience and intellect will be important to improving the lives of Colorado residents. I know she cares about education, lowering the cost of health care and protecting public lands. She will defend her constituents rights and public lands. She will work to keep taxes low and defend your rights.

Nicki is a mom and a Christian. She cares deeply about Colorado families. She comes from a family that taught her by example the real value of community service. Her father was a firefighter and mother is a nurse and runs a food bank. It is in Nicki’s DNA to help others.

Colorado needs more elected representatives that are dedicated to others and not their political careers. Nicki is not a career politician nor is she seeking her next elected office. She simply wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Nicki will use her wisdom and intellect to look at the issues through the eyes of her constituents.

Nicki has my wholehearted support and endorsement to be elected as State Representative for District 26 from Routt and Eagle Counties. She is a serious candidate and has an excellent chance to be elected to this seat. Please get to know Nicki and vote for her in the November election.

Bob Rankin is the elected Representative for District 57 which includes Garfield, Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties. Representative Rankin is a Member of the Joint Budget Committee of the Colorado General Assembly.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Statement: Rest In Peace - John McCain

Statement from Nicki Mills on the Passing of 
US Senator John McCain

I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of US Senator John McCain. He has been an inspiration to so many. As someone new to politics, I will aspire to the standard that he set. As a mom, I most appreciate his devotion to his faith and family. One of my favorite quotes of John McCain is:

“Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something greater than yourself, to a cause, to your principles, to the people on whom you rely and who rely on you.”

My deepest sympathies to John McCain’s family, friends and the many Americans that he brilliantly fought for.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Vail Daily: Letter to Editor "Nicki is a Wonderful, Compassionate and No-Nonsense Public Servant"

By Dana S. Fragakis
Edwards, Colorado
August 11, 2018

My name is Dana S. Fragakis, and I have lived in Edwards for some time now. I feel the need to introduce you and all of my neighbors in Eagle and Routt counties to Nicki Mills, who is running to represent us in our Colorado State House.

I have witnessed firsthand how Nicki has committed to serving us. Nicki is a most wonderful, compassionate and determined no-nonsense, common-sense public servant who is committed to bringing her passion for conserving, while improving, our mountain communities, to the State House. I strongly believe in Nicki's ability to represent us and the best interests of our neighborhoods and residents.

I have learned that Nicki is the daughter of a dedicated public servant, who learned common sense from the very best — her father. Nicki is the loving mother of two who has committed her time, energy and life to the health, wellness and prosperity of our residents. Nicki is not a politician, nor is she a politician on the rise to a higher office. Nicki truly cares about our families, friends and neighbors in Eagle and Routt counties.

I am confident that Nicki will bring a fresh and new perspective to the State House. Nicki will be the people's representative.

For a link to the article on the Vail Daily Website, click here.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Nicki Speaks Out in Favor of Respect in Politics

By Nicki Mills

I am a conservationist. I believe in protecting our public lands while balancing the important interests of our families and businesses.

I am proud that I am not a professional politician. Some politicians prefer to attack ideas that they don't agree with. My grandmother, who was one of my role models for public service, often said: "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Don't we need more honey and less vinegar in politics?

Energy production is the largest source of jobs in Colorado. Responsible management of public lands is very important. Those that oppose all activity on public lands are in effect calling for reduced prosperity for Colorado families and businesses. If elected, I will promote prosperity, not oppose it.

USA Today; "Fix Weakness in Our Schools Security"

Andrew Pollack knows first hand the pain of losing a child. Every day when I drop my boys off at school, I want to know that I can pick them up after school. We can make schools safe now. And we must. Please read this article from USA Today which is excerpted below. I will support safe schools policies to protect our kids. - Nicki Mills
"We can't let disagreement in the halls of our state legislatures, Congress, school boards, sidewalks or local communities divide us and prevent us from getting done the reforms we know we can agree on. We can fix the weaknesses in our schools' security with practical changes in the short term, while the more contentious issues surrounding firearm policy play out over the long term. There are basic, important and life-protecting policies we can enact right now to fix the problem of violence in our schools." - Andrew Pollack

Friday, August 10, 2018

Colorado Secretary of State - Wayne Williams - Transcends Party Politics

Secretary of State Wayne Williams’ accomplishments transcend partisan politics. Observers across the political spectrum point to Williams’ office as THE national model for election security.

Back in May, the Washington Post published an article called “How Colorado became the safest state to cast a vote.” One expert said, “Colorado is certainly hitting all the high points that we’ve been arguing others should…. It’s hard to compare states apples-to-apples because they’re so different, but Colorado has really been a leader.”

Mental Health Survey of Vail Valley Children

Nicki cares deeply about mental health for kids and adults. This survey has important information about how kids are coping with challenges. It is so important that adults connect with kids and provide a trusted adult when they need someone to listen. Take a moment to read this article. Please comment below.

Vail Daily Article on Mental Health of Eagle Valley Kids - click here

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nicki Wants to Hear From You; About Health Care in Colorado

Nicki would like hear from voters on the following questions?
  • Do you think the state should provide health care at the expense of money being made available for education and transportation? 
  • Do you think Colorado Taxpayers should pay more taxes to cover additional education and transportation costs? 
  • Do Colorado Taxpayers already pay enough taxes? 
  • Should the State of Colorado live within the means (taxes) that it collects? Like families do?
Please leave a comment below.