Saturday, October 27, 2018

Nicki's 2nd Campaign Video

Vail Daily Letter - Take A Look inside Nicki's Opponent's Money Machine

This picture is part of a larger pattern in the Roberts [Nicki's Opponent] campaign. More than 65 percent of his contributions come from outside our district. And of those, 17 percent come from outside the state. When someone or some political action committee from California or New York or Washington, D.C., writes Roberts a check, are they weighing how well he will represent voters in our district or how well he will represent their views?
In the 1976 movie "All the President's Men," one of its most famous lines was "follow the money."
When it comes to political campaigns, that line is as true today as it was then.

Two basic reasons guide donations to political campaigns. One is to buy favor — someone wants something for the contribution. This, of course, happens, although we don't believe that most candidates or office holders are so easily bought. The second is to support a person you already know will support your ideals, beliefs or interests. This kind of support is both smart and ethical. Campaigns are not cheap, and all candidates need to raise money.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Vail Daily - Letter: Nicki Serves Others with New Ideas and Experience

Voters in Eagle County are about to make an important decision about their representative to state government. I am the former husband and still best friend of Nicki Mills, who is running for state representative in Eagle and Routt counties. I know Nicki as well as anyone.

I was asked why I think Nicki is running for office; my response was, "It is in her DNA."

Nicki and her family have been public servants for as long as anyone can remember. Besides being a great mom to our sons, Nicki has always given back to her community. She co-founded a Montessori school for our boys, frequently served as a volunteer and is active in her church. What many people don't know is that when she received a call in the middle of the night to go help families being evacuated due to a wildfire, she jumped in her car and went to their aid. Nicki's instincts are to serve others.

I heard her answer to why she is running for State Representative. She stated: "Because I care," and that is her truth.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Vail Daily Letter - Nicki Will Make a Difference

I'm writing to support Nicki Mills for State Representative. She is a mom, a businesswoman and a community volunteer with significant life experience needed by an elected representative. She is an outdoorswoman and conservationist. Nicki is not a career politician. She is driven by her compassion for her friends and neighbors throughout Eagle and Routt counties.
Nicki is determined to make a difference. She will work tirelessly to reduce the cost of health care, find solutions for affordable housing and commit herself to improving educational outcomes. Health care cost in these counties is the highest in the United StatesOnly 40 percent of children meet educational expectations of educators. The lack of affordable housing is starving these communities of needed workers. Nicki will also defend existing taxpayer rights and the Second Amendment.

Vail Daily; Letter to Editor; Support for Nicki from Doug Fugate

Hi, I want to write to support Nicki Mills for the office of state representative for Eagle and Routt counties. Nicki has been a hard-working public servant her whole life.

Nicki is honest, reliable and willing to work the long hours needed to represent us. She is not a career politician, unlike her opponent. Nicki believes that we must do better, and Nicki will do better. Nicki is the best choice to be our next State Representative for House District 26.

Doug Fugate - Minturn

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Vail Daily Article; Following The Money

By Randy Wyrick
October 16, 2018

Following the Money

In article today in the Vail Daily, readers are informed about the substantial funds raised by Nicki's opponent. Nicki has publicly questioned where his loyalties are when so much money has been donated to him from special interests and outside the district. Here is an excerpt of the entire article:

Democrat Dylan Roberts has already raised more than $78,296, compared to $13,717 for Nicki Mills, his Republican opponent for Colorado House District 26, Eagle and Routt counties, according to Colorado Secretary of State records.

In a forum at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards Thursday evening, Oct. 11, Mills asserted that more than 60 percent of Roberts' campaign contributions come from outside Eagle and Routt counties.

Mills mentioned the attorneys' contributions to Roberts' campaign when answering a question about health care costs in the region and litigation's part in those skyrocketing costs. Among Roberts' contributors are Denver attorneys Frank Azar and Michael Sawaya, according to Colorado Secretary of State campaign records. "If you want to know where a politician really stands on issues, take a look at who is funding their campaigns," Mills said.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Vail Daily Coverage - Forum; "Taxpayers Have Rights"

Nicki continues to get favorable press coverage of her campaign. In every event, Nicki comes out strong. Here is an excerpt from the article today in the Vail Daily written by Randy Wyrick.


Republican Nicki Mills said she lives with the same struggles we all do — earning a living in an area with such a high cost of living. She said her priorities in the statehouse will be, "What I've learned campaigning door to door."

Democrat Dylan Roberts grew up in Steamboat Springs and works in Eagle as a deputy district attorney. "It is an honor to serve the communities where I grew up and live in now," he said.

Campaign donors: Mills took a couple of shots at Roberts' campaign donors, saying 65 percent of Roberts' campaign funding is from outside the district, including large Denver law firms.

Health care costs: Health care providers defending themselves against the cases those law firms bring are among the causes for our area's skyrocketing health insurance costs, Mills said. Both agreed that more competition would help control health insurance costs. Mills suggested allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines. She also advocated for multi-employer health plans such as the one sponsored by the Vail Valley Partnership. Roberts pushed six bills through the legislature as a rookie in last year's session. Several took aim at the area's health care costs, including HB 1384, which would bring more competition to the health insurance market by providing a public option, as well as co-op health insurance plans. He also championed HB 1009, designed to rein in "egregious prescription drug prices."

Friday, October 12, 2018

Vail Daily: Only 40 percent of Colorado third-graders are reading at grade level

We can do better. We must do better. We cannot have 60% of our kids failing in school. Read the article by Joyce Rankin in the Vail Daily.

"The Colorado Measurement of Academic Success English language arts scores for third-graders show that only 40 percent are reading at grade level. Research has shown that students who cannot read by the end of the third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. And according to the National Adult Literacy Survey, 70 percent of all incarcerated adults cannot read at the fourth-grade level. They lack reading skills necessary to hold down anything but lower-paying jobs......... 
With the release of the 2018 Colorado test scores in English language arts, we found that 40 percent of our third-graders are reading at or above grade level as they exit the third grade. That means 60 percent are not reading at grade level and, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Colorado mirrors what is happening in the United States and it's been that way since the 1990's."

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Vail Daily Article: Nicki Mills has Servant Heart

AVON — Nicki Mills has knocked on thousands of doors and shaken tens of thousands of hands introducing herself.

"Hi, I'm Nicki Mills and I want to serve you in Colorado's state legislature," she has said dozens of times a day, every day, since June when she jumped into the race for Colorado's House District 26.

Mills, a Republican, said it's not enough to represent Eagle and Routt counties in Colorado's House of Representatives.

"I want to serve the people of House District 26," Mills said. "My heart truly is a servant's heart. I'm going to be their heart, their eyes and voice."

Click on link to read rest of article - Click here to see the Article in Vail Daily.

Vail Daily; Letter Supporting Nicki as a Strong Republican Who Cares

Nicki continues to get strong endorsements from those that get to know her as a candidate. A recent letter to editor in the Vail Daily endorses Nicki and the "Strong Slate of Republicans." An excerpt follows:

"With such an important election fast approaching, I couldn't be more thrilled with the candidates we have for our local races....... 
...... Next is Nicki Mills, candidate for House District 26, which includes Eagle and Routt counties. Nicki has a heritage of community service. Her mother is a nurse and runs a food bank in Minnesota started by her grandmother; her dad just retired from 30 years as a volunteer fireman, 11 as chief. 
But what's that say about Nicki? As a mother of two sons, she is committed to strong family values and the need for elected representatives to be responsive to their constituents. She has prioritized housing and health care as issues that need to be addressed to solve two problems facing House District 26."

To see the entire letter to editor, click on this link.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The "Complete Colorado" News Site Published Article on Nicki

The Complete Colorado — Nicki Mills grew up in a small northern Minnesota town, working the food bank alongside her grandmother, mother and aunt and hanging out in the deer stand every hunting season. She founded a K-8 Montessori School and worked in the coal industry.

Now she is running as the Republican candidate for House District 26, which represents Eagle and Routt counties in the mountains around Steamboat Springs and Vail.

Mills laments that when she looks at what’s happening to Colorado, the state she loves and has called home since 2008, she is at a loss for words.

“I’m sick and tired of going to my friends’ going away parties because they can’t afford to live here because of the high cost of housing and healthcare,” Mills said. “That is really sad, and it’s one of the driving forces, and why I hope to make a difference.

She is facing Dylan Roberts, who was appointed to the seat in Oct. 2017 to replace Diane Mitsch Bush, a Democrat who is running for U.S. Congress.

Mills believes her maturity and life experiences are better equipped to cross party lines and get the work done.