Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Vail Daily Article; Following The Money

By Randy Wyrick
October 16, 2018

Following the Money

In article today in the Vail Daily, readers are informed about the substantial funds raised by Nicki's opponent. Nicki has publicly questioned where his loyalties are when so much money has been donated to him from special interests and outside the district. Here is an excerpt of the entire article:

Democrat Dylan Roberts has already raised more than $78,296, compared to $13,717 for Nicki Mills, his Republican opponent for Colorado House District 26, Eagle and Routt counties, according to Colorado Secretary of State records.

In a forum at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards Thursday evening, Oct. 11, Mills asserted that more than 60 percent of Roberts' campaign contributions come from outside Eagle and Routt counties.

Mills mentioned the attorneys' contributions to Roberts' campaign when answering a question about health care costs in the region and litigation's part in those skyrocketing costs. Among Roberts' contributors are Denver attorneys Frank Azar and Michael Sawaya, according to Colorado Secretary of State campaign records. "If you want to know where a politician really stands on issues, take a look at who is funding their campaigns," Mills said.

While knocking on doors in Gypsum, Roberts defended the contributions to his campaign. "I am proud of the broad coalition from across the district and the state who are supporting me," Roberts said. Roberts also returned fire about campaign contributions and their influence. Colorado legislative races cap contributions at $400 per individual: $200 for the primary and $200 for the general election. "People cannot buy influence for $400, at least not for me," Roberts said. Money doesn't mean everything, Roberts said. "I represent a large geographic district. I have to meet voters where they are. Modern campaigns require resources to speak to as many voters as possible across many platforms," he said.

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